Rapid City, South Dakota Birth Photographer | Why You Should Book a Birth Story?

It’s definitely been a crazy year for my family and I.  I’ve had so much going on.  I was still able to shoot and make sure clients got their galleries.  However, the one thing I wasn’t able to add in to my schedule was committing to booking birth stories.  🙁  At least not until now…

Thank goodness my schedule is somewhat back to normal, whatever that is! LOL!  I guess so many people think Oh My Goodness, why would you let someone into the delivery room with a camera.  Well, let’s break it down and I’ll give you some really important facts as to why I think birth photography is so important.

So, here goes:

Fact #1:  What is the most important thing during labor and delivery for all expecting parents?  Focusing on what your about to accomplish.  You’ve cooked this brand new little human and are about to bring it earthside.  That is a huge job.  Whether you’re a first time parent or back for round two, it’s a little nerve wracking.  You should not have to worry about whether or not after all is said and done, your support person took pictures of all the little moments that will become important to you later, when you are coherent enough to think about all the things you may have missed.  Let the photographer worry about those moments.  Moments like dad holding mom’s hand while she is breathing through a contraction.  Moments of him coaching her while she is pushing.  Moments of the expression on mom & dad’s faces the first time they see the little human they’ve created.

Fact #2: A great deal of the time you really need assistance from your support person.  There might not be time for that person to snap some pix.  

Fact #3:  OK, don’t be offended.  But, there is an art to birth photography, in my opinion.  When you invite me into your labor room to capture what is most likely one of the biggest events and most important day of your life, I don’t just take pictures.  I write the story of the arrival of your daughter or son with my images.  From the time I get out of the car, walking up to the hospital entrance until the time I’m walking back to my car, my camera doesn’t leave my hand.  I document details, big or small.

The monitors, the warmer, the hospital bracelets, the hallway directory showing which floor you are on, the baby.  All the baby details after he/she is born.  

Fact #4:  Yes, my camera and I document virtually everything I possibly can for you.  As much or as little as you would like me to.  But, I’m not just there to take your pictures.  When I’m in the labor room with you I try to approach things one of two ways.  Depending on what you’re feeling like, we can hang out… chat (by then I hope we know each other a little, I try to check on my expecting moms every now and then between booking and delivery).  Catch up on how you’ve been throughout the pregnancy.  Or, depending on how you feel, I play the fly on the wall, snapping my pictures and leave you to focus on breathing through the pain.  I’ve been known to fetch the nurse, or dinner for dad.  I’ve also pulled hair into a pony tail holder and coached mom along.  My biggest concern after mom and dad’s safety and well being is that they are comfortable with me.  This is a very private and special moment for them.  I am so honored to be allowed to document this moment for them.  

I can honestly say, I have been fortunate enough to have gained clients that have become like family to me.  And because I was able to document the arrival of their little and they returned for more pictures later, I’ve been fortunate enough to watch their little grow.  

Fact #5: My babies are grown.  All three of them.  This year we have a college sophomore, a college freshman, and a high school junior.  FACT: If I could go back and hire a birth photographer, I most definitely would.  I don’t have pictures of my babies fingers and toes, their lips, their eye lashes, or my face when I first saw them.  Birth photography wasn’t really heard of then.  But, I’d go back and change that if I could.

To me, those are probably the most important reasons of why you should book a birth story.  Now, what do you get when you book a birth story?

No matter which option you choose from when booking, all birth story clients will have a booking consultation.  That’s where we get together for coffee, get to know each other a little bit and go over what you expect from me and what I expect from you.  We take care of all the details so we don’t have to worry about them later.  Also included, check up emails.  I like to make sure you’re doing ok throughout the duration of your pregnancy.  I am on call for you two weeks prior to your scheduled due date or two weeks after, if that date has come and gone.  Of course, I’m always available for any questions you might have as well. I offer two birth story options. 

Option 1 includes just the time I spend with you.  All prints and products are chosen at your gallery premiere and shopping session.  

Option 2 is an all inclusive package.  It includes all my time and 50 – 75 original resolution, professionally edited digital images, with print release.

Check it out the birth story video below!  If you’d like to book or even just get together and chat, message me here:  jennifer@jennifernorrickphotography.com



Jennifer Norrick is a Maternity, Birth, Newborn, & Family photographer out of Rapid City, South Dakota and the surrounding Black Hills area. Her work has been seen in places like The Wandering Photographer Magazine and"How He asked, by the Knot." Jennifer is available for world wide travel and has enjoyed working with both, clients here in the United States and internationally.  

When she's not shooting or editing the days away, Jennifer is busy being a wife and a mom to her kiddos and fur babies.