Rapid City, South Dakota Photographer | In The End We Have Our Pictures & Our Memories

So I’ve been thinking about this blog for a good while now.  It’s one you might need some tissue for, possibly. But it’s a going to be a good read.  It’s going to show you how important it is to take pictures.  My husband and my kids are constantly saying: “Can’t you put that camera or phone away and just be in the moment?”  Well, NO!  The answer is no!  Why?  Because, I want to go back to that memory later, every time.  You really don’t know how valuable those pictures are until you lose someone.  I learned that this year.

See, this spring, my dad passed away.  He lost his battle with cancer about 30 minutes after my youngest daughter’s birthday day came to an end, just after midnight on April 16th.  I was a little grateful for that; I didn’t want her remembering that he died the day she was celebrating her arrival on earth every year, from here on out.  Just a little more than two years after going through a double lung transplant and coming through it with pretty much flying colors, he died of cancer.  Such an ugly word.  But it happened.  And it just isn’t fair.  But, life’s not fair.  So, now all we have left of him are our pictures & our memories.  And I can’t even explain how grateful I am that I have those pictures.  So I’ll probably never put my camera down. LOL!!!

Now, it’s been a little while. I’m still sad sometimes and think of him all the time.  However, I had this really awesome thing done for my kids, my nephew, and my niece.  A friend suggested I take his t-shirts and use them to make a memory quilt.  Well, there probably wouldn’t have been enough t-shirts to make a quilt for each of them, but I came up with a different idea.  

Initially I was going to mail the t-shirts to my friend who lives out of state.  But, I decided I didn’t really want to put the shirts in the mail. I was afraid they’d get lost.  But, then I thought:  Who do I know that quilts?  And OMG!  The light bulb went on in my brain, LOL!!!  Amanda!

Amanda altered prom dresses and ball dresses for my girls the past two seasons and a dress last minute for my son’s girlfriend.  She is magnificent!  The tricks and talent that lady possesses when it comes to a sewing needle are unreal!!!  So, I messaged her and she said “come on over” in so many words.  Not only did she make a mini quilt/lap quilt for each of my kids, but there were enough to make them for my nephew and niece as well.  Not only did she stitch these beautiful memory blankets but she was able to make a quilt that seemed to represent something that matched each kiddos personality.  Two of the 5 grand babies she’d never even met. 🙂  She made it a point to have them ready for me before we fly the oldest back to school next week!  I can never thank you enough for making these beautiful keepsakes for my dad’s grandchildren. So, take a peek at those quilts below.  

Oh, and another thing:  Amanda is in the process of launching another adventure.  She’s setting up a sewing studio to offer classes for different kinds of sewing.  Embroidery, quilting… you name it.  If you ever wanted to learn how to do something with needle and thread, she’s your person!!! You can find her here:  Swan Alterations

 Now you can check out those quilts!  And scroll a little lower to see a slide show of  just my dad and the grand kids! 🙂



Jennifer Norrick is a Maternity, Birth, Newborn, & Family photographer out of Rapid City, South Dakota and the surrounding Black Hills area. Her work has been seen in places like The Wandering Photographer Magazine and"How He asked, by the Knot." Jennifer is available for world wide travel and has enjoyed working with both, clients here in the United States and internationally.  

When she's not shooting or editing the days away, Jennifer is busy being a wife and a mom to her kiddos and fur babies.