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Let’s Talk About Birth Options | Rapid City, SD birth photographer | Jennifer Norrick Photography

A brand new option just came to town!

Sooooooo. You’ve just found out you’re expecting! Congratulations!!! What an exciting time for you and your family. You might be feeling a little overwhelmed at times with all the choices out there from picking a name for each gender to choosing an obstetrician. Or, do you want an obstetrician to provide care for you during pregnancy? You might choose a midwife? Well, let’s talk about that option in particular, because . . .

Did you know that there is a brand new birth center in town??? Did know that you have options on how and where you want to give birth? Yup. So many people assume that the hospital is the usual place they’ll end up delivering when they find out they’re pregnant. Well, that’s a good place to go. It’s a great place to go. But, you don’t have to. For those that don’t want a home birth, but want to feel like they are at home, they now have another option here in Rapid City, SD. We now have a brand new birth center that has literally just opened!!!!!!! Apple Tree Midwifery and Birth Center! OMGoodness!!! I was so lucky to score a tour yesterday evening and got to snap a few quick pix for you guys to check it out. It is absolutely stunningly beautiful!

First, Apple Tree Midwifery and Birth Center has officially opened it’s doors. It’s located up on what I like to call “the hill” lol!!!!! Just kidding. It’s on Mt. Rushmore Rd., just before the intersection of Mt. Rushmore Rd. and Catron Blvd. if you’re coming from Rapid. It’s so very easy to find.

Cassie Applegate is a Certified Nurse Midwife and the co-owner along with another Certified Nurse Midwife and 1 OB/GYN. She gave me a tour of their brand new facility and I got to ask all my questions as she walked me through the birth center.

An epic milestone for South Dakota!

She gave me so much information!!!! So, here it is, a small recap of some of what I learned! You’ll have to check out their website; I’ll share the link at the end! This birth center is the only free-standing birth center in South Dakota! What a huge step forward for the state. And, the best part is that the birth center isn’t just for the delivering of babies. Cassie told me that they plan to have a lactation consultant in the future and will also be offering childbirth classes as well. With areas for families to come in and wait for their new addition to arrive (once COVID rules can be changed) the birth center offers a place for moms to feel at home and share the experience with their family.

I was honestly in awe of how big the birthing rooms are. Comfy beds, a birthing tub that fits the momma and a support person ~ should she decide on a water birth, and lots of other aids for labor and delivery are available to the mommas to be. I love that one room is bright and airy and one has colored walls. Even though the walls in one room are darker, it feels calming when you walk in. There’s a beautiful kitchenette to keep snacks and the hall is great for walking if mommas are up to it. So many ways for a mommas needs to be met!!!

There are so many ways and options for mommas to give birth these days. So many cities across the country are offering birth center deliveries already. It’s fabulous that mommas here in South Dakota now have this option to consider as well.

So, check out the birth center!!!

You can check out the website that has all the info on it here! https://www.appletreemidwifery.com/

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