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2022 ~ Big Plans | Rapid City, SD Newborn Photographer | Jennifer Norrick Photography

It’s been a crazy last 2 years on planet earth. The complete change humanity has had to go through is something that we live with every day now. I guess we have to call it our new normal. There has been so much turmoil, sadness, and uncomfortable change. But, there has been a lot of good that has come from the whole mess that is an epidemic in our world. People have become more compassionate in my opinion. Communication has grown in epic ways since for so long we couldn’t gather. Technology (sometimes a nuisance) has become so important to keeping connections between families and friends. It can never replace the in person contact and time spent together, but it certainly did its job bridging the gap until the risk of visiting with family and friends was much safer again.

COVID. It’s now probably the ugliest word on the planet, right alongside of cancer. Sadly I have known people and have friends that lost loved ones that lost their battle with both. Trying to find the positive things in all of this, I know people that have recovered as well and am so grateful that they are still here!

Well, getting to the point of this whole little recap of good and bad: Don’t wait for life to happen. MAKE IT HAPPEN! Life is short! Don’t waste it!

That is exactly why I started planning this year. For most of 2021 actually we’ve been planning out some big changes coming for our family. Trying to get them set into motion has been like a hurry up and wait kind of game. However, when the time is right next year we are going to follow through. What are those plans you’re wondering?

Well, the first big new thing that we are going to make happen in 2022 is that I AM REOPENING MY INDOOR STUDIO!!!! Yep!!! I’m so excited for this to happen. Winter has arrived and there is no way those brand new littles can be outside for pictures this time of year here in South Dakota. First, the studio will be located in the main living space of my house this time. That front room has the most beautiful bay window and gets fabulous light. That being said, the space is a little smaller and I’ll only be offering newborn minis and sitter sessions inside. I might be able to accommodate some mini sessions that include just the newborn and mom & dad, but I’ll have to see how the space comes together first.

All of January I’ll be busy getting it ready for the reopening that is planned for February 15th! The walls need a fresh coat and new color of paint, the floors need replaced, and I need to figure out the best way to efficiently arrange the room for sessions. It’s going to take some serious work, lol!!! But, I’m soooooooo looking forward to it! And mostly, I’m looking forward to all the brand new littles and sitters I get to capture in this space!

So, that is the first of what’s coming up in 2022 for JNP! Just to give you guys a little peek into some of what I have created in the past, take a look below! I hope to grow and improve to offer only the best when working with my clients! I know, there’s a ton of some of my fave images below, but scroll through and check them out. Then read on to see what else our fam has planned for next year!

I know!!!!! These babies . . .

Well, this next thing we are planning in 2022 is huge. Like opening a studio space in my home again isn’t big enough, especially with what is the end goal. But, my family has lived in Rapid City, South Dakota for a very long time. Just over two decades. This is my children’s home. And it will always one way or another be our home. This is where our family began. However, we are hoping to move in 2022. Let me rephrase that! WE “ARE” MOVING NEXT YEAR!!!!

The children are grown. One is moving out and starting out on his own path. I’ve spent enough time in Virginia this year on the 3 trips I’ve taken there to know that I absolutely love it there. It’s going to take some really important things falling into place to make this happen and the middle child has to be all settled before we leave him behind, for now! But, the plan is to be packed and on our way to Virginia between June and the end of summer.

There are so many reasons this move is important for our family other than we love the area, but how can you go wrong with the mountains two hours to the west and the ocean two hours to the east! AND WE ALL KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THE OCEAN, LOL!!!! So, that MAKE IT HAPPEN, LIFE IS SHORT from the beginning of this blog? It will be my mantra for the next 7 months. If you want something bad enough, you’ll make it happen.

Now, this doesn’t mean that I’ll be leaving South Dakota behind. This is the place my children were born, we have friends here, and it is where our family began. I’ll be back plenty! Visiting, will make our time here way more special! But, sitting here writing this and hoping and praying that my house will stay on the ground and that the tree out front that I’m watching bend back and forth because of the hurricane force winds? That will definitely not be something I miss! Hahahahah!!!!!!!!

So to all of you expecting families!!!!! I’m now booking those studio newborns!!!! MESSAGE ME!!!!!! lol!

OH, and just to let you guys know, we are spending Christmas in Denver this year, with my sister and her family!!! And, my little brother and his family are coming up to Denver from Texas too!!! We are so excited!!!!! We’ll only be gone for a short time, the 22nd of December to the 26th! I’ll still be checking and answering messages. But, to ALL of you! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or whatever it is that you celebrate!

Remember to pick a word of the year too! I think ONWARD will be mine. It encompasses so many things, but for me it is a way to look toward the future, try new things, make progress, and MAKE IT HAPPEN! What’s your word of the year???

I am so thankful for your!!!

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