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Are you considering a birth photographer? Wondering why you should hire a professional photographer to document your birth?  Let me show you why capturing this moment is so important! 


Birth photography, also known as birth story photography by many is a relatively new genre in the photography industry.  Quite literally it's telling the story of your brand new little's arrival in pictures.  

It's probably not what most people think.  A lot of times I am asked: "Why would you want to take pictures of THAT?"  THAT being the "delivery."  Well, It's not just of THAT!  It starts with images to capture the details of the room.  The monitors, the time on the clock, the stethoscope, the baby warmer.  It's capturing all the emotion and the hard work parents put into getting to the point of when baby arrives.  Contractions, hugs, and kisses, encouragement, and smiles.  And yes sometimes families want the actual delivery captured.  

But, sometimes they really just want the moment they first lay eyes on their new son or daughter captured. Birth photography is all about what you want it to be!!!

Hiring a professional birth photographer is such a benefit to families.  The most important reason being that all the parties involved in your labor and delivery can be fully present and dedicated to the momma that is delivering the baby!

Families instantly lose the stress of worrying about remembering to take pictures.  They can be in the moment.  Many times there are events and moments I have captured where mom said she didn't even remember that it happened.  What a relief to know that it was captured anyway!

Hiring a professional comes with so many other benefits.  Things such as years of experience, quality of work, professionalism, and the promise to deliver images that you will have forever.  I will forever regret that birth photography was not a thing when I was having my babies.

Check out the gallery and more about my birth photography journey below!!!

professional Birth photography . . . what is birth photography? why should you hire a professional birth photographer?

what is birth photography?

why should you hire a professional birth photographer?

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Jennifer Norrick is a certified birth photographer through the Beauty In Birth..

For more information about the Beauty In Birth and their certification services please click HERE!  

I've been so blessed to have the privilege of capturing different types of births.  I've worked with a family that went through IVF, a family that was created through surrogacy, and on one occasion I even sent my camera back into the OR with dad, because of an emergency C-section that I was not permitted to attend. I've photographed babies born at home too!

And that is truly what birth photography is: an honor and a privilege.

My first experience in a labor room with my camera was in 2010; I documented my niece's arrival.  My first official birth story was August of 2015 and the rest is history.  I offer clients almost 12 years of experience capturing life entering this world.  It is an experience that is indescribable.  The selfie below is from that first official birth. Dad snapped the pic on the left for me that day! I was hooked!

I offer you a decade + of experience

thank you!

birth story


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"My husband and I have invited Jen, and her camera into our labor room each time. Each time she felt like family, always a helping hand, your cheerleader, labor coach, personal assistant, the list goes on. She literally did it all, including rocking our toddler to sleep at 3am while we got some rest ourselves. She captured big and little details, and it’s amazing looking back to see the first diaper, little wrinkly toes, big brother fist bumping the doctor as baby made their entrance. If there’s one thing we recommend for a baby, it’s birth photos; it goes by so quickly, you quickly forget all the little details in those memories."                                                                           Brittany C., Ellsworth AFB, SD

"If there’s one thing we recommend for a baby, it’s birth photos."

The Birth Photography Package starts at $1800

birth photography investment

* Initial consultation
* Periodic check-ins
* Two weeks of on-call time before/after baby's due date
* All time spent with the family during labor & delivery
* Up to 2 hours post delivery
* Private online gallery
* 75-100 full size digital images delivered via download through the online gallery (mixture of color and black & white

All birth stories include the details listed below:

add ons:

Maternity, fresh 48, complete newborn, and mini newborn sessions can be added on to a birth story. For bundle pricing please message HERE!

Payment plans are available with a non-refundable due date retainer.  For payment plan information please message HERE!

Clients please note:  All packages, pricing, and products are subject to change and South Dakota sales tax of 6.5%.  Contract & retainer/payment in full required to reserve a due date.

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"Looking at your newborn baby is like opening a parcel you have been waiting for a long, long time. And out comes a miracle of perfection better than everything you have ever dreamed of." 
~ Eva Dittmer

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