Welcome!!! You're thinking of booking a photo shoot and are trying to figure out how things work and what the process is. 
First, think about what photography means to you...

I want you to have the best experience you can have when shooting with me.  I want you to have fun.  I want your vision to be recorded by my camera for you to revisit at a later point in time.  

So, you've found me on Facebook, I was recommended to you by a friend, or you happened to stumble upon my website in an internet search.  You've looked through my work and like what you see.  Once you contact me and we get you officially booked (your contract signed and invoice paid), we start to plan.  We talk about what to wear, what locations to consider, if there are any special circumstances that your shoot should honor.

I encourage clients to message, call, reach out in any way if they have questions before or after their session.  My main goal is to make sure you got exactly what you envisioned out of your experience with me and the pictures we take.

Shoot day is quickly approaching.  I send out a couple of reminder messages that include time and location for your session.  Just to make sure we didn't get our wires crossed.  When the day arrives, we meet at the location and spend the next hour or so taking pictures.  I like to take a lot of pictures.  My finger is pretty heavy on the shutter.  Expressions and moments in between shots are usually the ones that end up being favorites.  Once we're done shooting the editing process begins.  I try to get a sneak peek or two up for you to see.  I know I am impatient and excited when I finish up at a session, I just want to hurry home and get your card loaded.  I can only imagine how excited you are!

I have about a 3 week turn around for my galleries.  Just after our session you'll receive a guide that can help you with the kind of art or prints you might like to hang in your home.  I offer a number of different products and prints as well.  Look through the guide so you can get an idea of sizes that are available and what kind of wall art I offer. 

I want to only ever give you the highest quality of images.  Once I get your gallery loaded and your slideshow ready, we'll set up a time and date for you to come over for you viewing and purchasing session.  This is where your gallery will be revealed and we go over what kind of art you'd think is perfect to hang and display in your home.

Once we figure out what products and prints best fit your needs, we place your order and get it delivered to you when it arrives.  I inspect each product and print in your order to be sure the lab has sent the correct order and none of the items are damaged or have off colors.  I use a professional print lab only with products that are of only the highest quality.  I am as excited as you are to see my work in print!!!

explore. dream. discover.

Behind the scenes of a newborn session...

Photography by Jenilynn Photography

Jennifer Norrick Photography's standard policies can be found in the photography contract that is required to be signed when booking a session.
General terms and conditions listed here apply to all the sessions I offer.

All clients are required to sign a portrait session contract in order to officially book a session with me.

Sessions all have a session fee of $200 that covers only the photographer's time that must be paid in order to reserve a specific date.  The only exception is birth story photography.  Please see the investment link for more information on pricing.

Sessions that are booked with requested locations outside a 30 mile radius of the zip codes 57719 & 57706 will be required to pay an additional travel charge of $30 that will be added on to the session fee.

Gift certificates are available for purchase.  If you have been gifted a gift certificate, it must be presented at the time of booking.  Gift certificates cover the session fee only (photographer's time).  NO prints, products, or digital images are included.

Any specials, flash sales, or mini sessions offered must be paid in full.  No exceptions.  Special offers as the ones listed above cannot be combined with any other discounts or coupons.

Privacy Policy

Clients, Jennifer Norrick Photography will not use or give out any information we obtain from you, other than to communicate with you directly.  Protecting your privacy is of Jennifer Norrick Photography's utmost importance. The model release you sign when signing your contract only entitles Jennifer Norrick Photography to use the images taken during your session for marketing and promotional campaigns.  No names or other personal information will ever be used.  

terms & conditions

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Jennifer Norrick is a Maternity, Birth, Newborn, & Family photographer out of Rapid City, South Dakota and the surrounding Black Hills area. Her work has been seen in places like The Wandering Photographer Magazine and"How He asked, by the Knot." Jennifer is available for world wide travel and has enjoyed working with both, clients here in the United States and internationally.  

When she's not shooting or editing the days away, Jennifer is busy being a wife and a mom to her kiddos and fur babies.